Monday, December 19, 2011

special stones / jasper

Did you know that Jasper is the most revered stone in the world and important to all indigenous peoples?

In ancient times it was the blood of the Mother, mixed with the clay of the earth that formed the first woman, Adama (later to be changed to a man and Adam). It is the stone of the "Virgin Mary" and was
carried in the form of a Jasper heart at the beatification of Mother Theresa.

It is mentioned in the Koran and all the ancient esoteric texts as being a "healing stone" that resonates to the "a" or "ohm" sound. That's the same sound as energy, electricity, bees. It is the sound of the earth.

Here are a selection of our favourite Lindi King pieces that incorporate various forms of Jasper.

 Baby Pink Jasper Bracelet, $35
Bright Pink Jasper Bracelet, $35
 Yellow & Silver Jasper Bracelet, $35

Imperial Jasper Bracelet in Purple & Silver, $45