Monday, May 21, 2012


We have decided that it's time for a little romantic daydreaming...
thinking about a tropical holiday,with compulsory dancing till dawn on the beach, wearing amazing
                                      jewellery and a handsome man to share it all with....

We decided it's time for a little romantic daydreaming…thinking of somewhere tropical, dancing till dawn and a gorgous man to share it all with...
  Back View </del> BedBeautiful Black and White
An essential for your dreamy moment has to be a pair of feather earrings...

Feather and Snake Earring

                                       Lindi Kingi Design Feather and Snake Earrings $51.50

Angel Wings

                                      Dreamy Beach

                 Another gorgeous addition to your moment has to be a few delicate rings…

Featherweight Bands

                Lindi Kingi Design Featherweight Band in Silver $49.50 and Copper $37.50

                   Dreamcatcher in the Window           Naked Back
                                   And of course a dreamcatcher in your window!

Large Dream Catcher </del> ASOS

                                             Lindi Kingi Design Dreamcatcher $25.00


                                       So enjoy your daydreams about parties and dancing…
                                  while looking amazing in your Lindi Kingi Design jewellery!