Sunday, May 13, 2012

fancy dress

                         Pretty Pink Dress  

                                          Lindi Kingi Design Window Bead Bracelet $25.50

So, just lately we have a had a burning desire to dress up….to set an elegant table with beautiful china, crystal glasses and create a feast…we’ll invite all our friends, on the condidtion that they must wear something exquisite!

                                         Lindi Kingi Design Silver Bead Bracelet $24.50

I can see it now….like a roomful of Cinderella’s at the ball….sigh….Although looking at these dresses, we better have white wine only!

  Frothy Red

Lindi Kingi Design Triple Howlite Bracelet - Cream and Silver $66.00

I guess our dresses won’t be quite this amazing, but at least we can have great jewelry! Check out all our designs and pick yourself up a treat…