Thursday, June 21, 2012

do you believe in magic?

It’s amazing when you think about the myths and ledgends that have been repeated over the years…Surely there must be a grain of truth in them somewhere…don’t you think?

Fairy 1
Fairy 2 Fairy 3
Fairy 4
Of all the stories, most prevelent are the Fay or Fairy Folk. Fairy haunts were as numerous as the types of little people themselves…Goblins prefer crags and dark woodlands, while other fairies would set up in ancient burial mounds. Some would move into human homes and help with the cooking and cleaning, though they were proud and would move away if offered gifts or payment…

Unicorns Unicorn 1

There are no known sightings of ‘living’ Unicorns in the UK or Ireland, although 2 feature in the Royal Coat of Arms of Scotland. In 1577 Queen Elizabeth was presented with an Alicorn, (the horn of the Unicorn), it was said to be worth £10,000 in her lifetime. The Church is also said to hold several Alicorns, including one at Chester Cathedral.
 CastleFairy Tea Party
Wicked Witches, Poisioned Apples and Fairy Tea Parties….Not so sure about these, but the magic of a Carnival, Treasures in the Post or Mother Nature herself…amazing….

CarnivalMail Box

Have an amazing day...and don't forget to wear a little jewelry, the fair folk are partial to trinkets!

Crown and Cross Earrings