Thursday, July 12, 2012

calling all angels...

Angels are such an amazing symbol, here at Lindi Kingi Design, we love using them in our work and Angel Wings in particular are a favorite for all the beautiful thoughts they bring!

Light Angel

Lindi Kingi Design Angel Wing and Cross Earrings

Angel Wing and Cross
And of course there are always the Dark Angels…
Dark Angel 1 Dark Angel
Lindi Kingi Collage
The Hells Angels…
Hells Angels Hells Angels Logo
The beautiful Victoria’s Secret Angels…
Victorias Secret Angels
Lindi Kingi Design Triple Howlite in Turquoise and Silver
Triple Howlite <del> Turquoise </del> ASOS
Gorgeous Snow Angels…
Snow Angel
Of course the Baseball Team..

Angels Baseball Angels Logo
And who could forget Charlie’s Angels!

Charlie's Angels Charlie's Angels 2
So no matter what kind of angel you are, guardian or avenging…Lindi Kingi Design has something for you! Lxx

Lindi Kingi Leather Wrap

Lindi Kingi Design Leather Wrap in Tan and Silver