Thursday, April 18, 2013

belleza boutique

store: Belleza Boutique 

where are you? Tai Tapu Christchurch

tell us about your store, what's it all about? Funky rustic store with something for everyone located 20 mins from Christchurch in a cool 
destination town called Tai Tapu!!!

what's on the stereo? Shadows (Dick Johnson/Boh Runga & Tiki Tane)

favourite new label? Untouched world (great as its getting chilly down here already)

big summer sellers: only been open 2 weeks but Lindi Kingi bracelets of course and Jorge floral blazers flew out the door too

favourite snacks? Fries & aioli from the Store across the road (oh dear)

styling tricks? Your never to old for PINK or leather!!!

images; belleza boutique