Monday, April 30, 2012

beautiful nightmare

Last night I had a nightmare, and I had to share. So, you know how the story goes, the girl gets lost in the forest and comes across an enchanted castle…

Pink Forrest Castle Cathedral Room

If she wants to escape alive she can’t wake the evil sleeping in the house…


She has to find the scrolls and say the magic words….

Spell BookBook

She completes the spell just in time…

Roses Dress
Magic Mirror

She makes it out into the garden, where she is watched by a crow and finds a magic mirror…

BrideBack Photo

The evil in the house is now fully awake….
And then I woke myself up…I’m not good at being the damsell in distress or the victim!

I was little shaken up, so today I’m heading out to get myself a kickass outfit…it will look something like this….

Leather Pants TrinityLindi Kingi Collage
I’m chanelling Trinity, Neo and Morpheus!!!

I need to lose a few kilos to look exactly like this, but hey…what’s a girl to do! 

At least my jewelry will look perfect!

Love, Lindi x