Thursday, April 26, 2012

sweet dreams of these

There is nothing better than a lazy day in bed….toast and tea, a magazine, newspaper or book or maybe even a great movie…Oh, it sounds blissful! Looking at these pictures makes us want to lie in bed all day.

Bed 1 
And of course you don’t need to wear much….a few rings perhaps?

Lindi Kingi Featherweight Band in Silver – $50.00

Lindi Kingi Featherweight Band in Copper – $38.00

Leather Bracelet </del> ASOS 

Or a leather bracelet? Super cute…

Lindi Kingi Leather Bracelet in Tan and Gold – $18.00
Bed 9 

In fact after posting this, I might just climb back into bed and snuggle in….Lx