Thursday, June 28, 2012

the road to nowhere...

The other day while checking out a few blogs we came across this picture and it got us thinking about some of the places we’ve been and others that we’d still like to go….

So here are a few photos of gorgeous places we love and the jewellery to match!

Paris      Paris
Leather Bracelet </del> ASOS
Leather Bracelet in Tan and Gold


Angel Wing and Cross
Lindi Kingi Design Angel Wing Earrings
City 1

City City 2
Featherweight Rings in Copper and Silver

City Nights SunsetHills
The possibilities are endless….I want to pack my bags!

Bench Seat Purple Room 
Egypt Blossoms
Jasper Bracelet Cobolt & Silv $35.00
Cobalt Blue Jasper Bracelet
           Tower at Night
Yes, we can feel a trip coming on real soon…...x